We welcome submissions from artists
who would like to exhibit work in our gallery

We feature the work of our guest artists in designated space at the front of the gallery.

The space measures approximately 250 square feet, with approximately 60 linear feet of wall space, and may be used either by a single artist or by 2 or 3 artists together. 

We will promote your exhibition and process sales of your work.

We charge a rate of commission on sales, together with a modest exhibition fee.

Week 1: $325      Week 2: $275      Week 3: $225      Week 4: $175 

TOTAL FEE for 4 weeks: $1,000


Interested artists should contact us by email, attaching a brief resume, bio, artist statement and not more than 5 representative images of their work (maximum size 500 kb per image).  (For group submissions, not more than 3 representative images per artist.)

Submission Requirements

Each week includes five exhibition days.  Regular business hours are Wednesday through Sunday, 12 noon to 6 p.m., with longer hours to accommodate opening receptions. 

You will be responsible for insuring your work, transporting it to and from the gallery, and arranging and paying for an opening reception (if you wish to have one).  You will also be responsible for any needed arrangements to ship/deliver sold work; however, we will add the costs of shipping and delivery to the purchaser’s invoice. 

General Information

v i s i o n s       g a l l e r y

1-Week Exhibition: 20%            2-4 Week Exhibition: 15%